About Jordan


Hi, I'm Jordan -- a native Bostonian currently planted in the district; private chef; food nerd; writer; almond milk latte drinker; chocolate lover; a founding team member of Pineapple Collaborative; the friend who will always cook for you, no questions asked.

In a nutshell, this is me.

DC Eatings, both the Instagram & blog were originally created for me to express my creativity in the two ways I know best - cooking & writing. They're outlets for me to share homemade recipes, my cooking adventures & misadventures, my travel & food inspiration, & my culinary inspiration, knowledge, & passion. 

It’s only fitting that my love for food & shared experiences around a dinner table have manifested beyond the computer screen & onto people’s plates. DC Eatings now offers private chef services for celebrations, parties, dinners, weekly meal prep, & more. Email dceatings@gmail.com for more information!


All photos are taken & owned by Jordan Miller of DC Eatings unless otherwise noted & given credit.